Why every mum should encapsulate their Placenta

Your incredible tree of life, contains many hormones, stem cells and nutrients which help nourish your beautiful baby during pregnancy. But did you know these same amazing hormones and nutrients help mama to recover too?
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Your Placenta is the perfect way to replenish your iron stores after birth, It’s easily absorbed by your body, and can be used straight away by your cells. Better than a piece of steak! Our mum’s love the endless energy they have, despite getting broken sleep, and even running after 2 or 3 kids!

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Oxytocin, the LOVE hormone is responsible for that euphoric birth high, as well as helping your uterus contract post birth, assisting with your milk supply and helping you to bond with your new baby. Your Placenta contains the highest amount of natural Oxytocin, and can be used to keep your birth high for months!

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Your Powerful Placenta could help increase your milk supply, prevent postnatal depression, balance your hormones and increase energy levels! And new investigations are under way to determine whether your Placenta could be helpful in reducing pain (thanks to Placental Opoid enhancing factor) and may even have anti-aging properties too! 

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We are a family run Perth small business and new parents to Baby Layla (est August 2018). Meet our family, chat about healing from birth and all things Placenta magic! 

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Our friends Heidi Xavier & Ryan asked us to come and chat about the amazing things we are doing for Perth Mums, Preventing the baby blues and postnatal depression one mama at a time!

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Hot new trend! 

With influencers including the Kardashians promoting the practice and social media inundated with positive anecdotes from women (and men), the practice appears to be gaining favour. 

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