Have you heard about Oxytocin, and why it is so amazing for new mum’s and bubs?

If you’ve ever seen a mum right after she has given birth, and she is literally glowing, despite having just been through the marathon of birth? YES that my friends is the OXYTOCIN GLOW!

Oxytocin is released from the brain in very large quantities during labour and birth, and is responsible for that euphoric birth high. It often lasts for up to 12 hours post birth, and is also known as the love and bonding hormone.

How does Oxytocin help you recovery from birth ?


Decreases fear and anxiety helping you feel calm and confident 

Oxytocin (the love hormone) and Cortisol (the stress hormone) act like a see-saw, when Cortisol is high, Oxytocin is low, and vice versa. So by boosting your Oxytocin post birth you will naturally decrease your Cortisol, and your stress levels, allowing you to feel calm, content and anxiety free.


Boosting your milk supply 

When your nipples are stimulated, by a baby beginning to suckle or use of a breast pump/massage, oxytocin is released by the brain, which assists with your milk let down, by moving milk through the breast tissue. This also helps you to feel calmer whilst breastfeeding


Controls and reduces bleeding post birth

Once your Placenta has separated from the uterine wall, a Placenta bed wound remains. Oxytocin helps contract the uterine wall, which constricts the blood vessels of the placental bed, which stops bleeding, helping to keep you haemodynamically stable and reduce total blood loss.


Contract your uterus to help you get your body back in shape post birth!

Oxytocin helps contract your uterine muscles, which is obviously very helpful for labour, but also essential to contract your uterus post birth. Your uterus has to contract back down below your pubic bone to allow your abdominal muscles to rejoin and return you to your pre-pregnancy glory.

Aren’t our bodies just amazing?! 


Improve mood, and decrease depressive symptoms

When you feel loved, you feel happy. It’s so important to fill up our mummy cup post birth, so that we can keep filling our baby cup. So increasing your mood is as simple as filling your cup with more love. Your natural Oxytocin, also known as the LOVE HORMONE helps you to connect and love yourself, leaving you feeling calm, safe and enough! Once you tick those 3 boxes happiness is a natural follow on effect.


Love and bonding with your baby

Everytime your you look at your baby, kiss their head or stroke their tiny hands, it signals your brain to release oxytocin. It’s a beautiful cycle, the more you love and touch your baby, the more oxytocin that is released in your brain, and the more connected you feel, leading you to continuing to love and protect your baby for years to come. Many studies have also linked touch with increased brain development in infants, showing the importance of the love and bonding cycle.


A powerful pain relief – stronger than morphine

Birth and postpartum are not always easy or pain free, in fact they can often be quite the opposite. But luckily nature has the perfect analgesic super weapon for it’s mamas! Oxytocin triggers the endorphin effect, which releases beta-endorphins, making it a powerful pain relief, exactly when you need it! 


Improve wound healing

Oxytocin is also thought to help with inflammation by decreasing certain cytokines, which has the potential to improve wound healing. A study (Marazziti et al) found increases in plasma oxytocin were correlated with faster wound healing. Wow!

This is great news for mums with a Caesarean wound or perineal stitches.


Increase romantic attachment and sexual drive

Did you know your body also releases Oxytocin after positive sexual interaction? This is nature’s way of helping you feel more connected to your lover, probably in the hopes that you will procreate again! It also helps you to feel calm and sleepy afterwards. Hand’s up everyone whose partner passes out after sex! 

I guess the birth glow and the post sex glow isn’t all that different after all!


How to increase your Oxytocin naturally!


Touch – gentle stroking touch or massage, this is especially great for newborns


Skin to skin – unwrap your baby and lay with them against your chest as often as you can


Hugging – for longer than 20 seconds and Oxytocin will be released…AMAZING!


Eye gazing – with a loved one, or your baby, this also helps your milk to flow


Breastfeeding – Nipple stimulation triggers the release of Oxytocin


Placenta Encapsulation – consuming your Placenta which is full of Oxytocin!



How can I use the Oxytocin stored in my Placenta to make my birth high last for months?


Your Placenta is a powerful endocrine organ, which synthesises and releases It’s own hormones and nutrients!


The highest natural levels of Oxytocin on earth can be found in your Placenta. WOW!

So Imagine if we could clean, steam, dehydrate and grind your Placenta down into a powder form, keeping those valuable hormones and nutrients intact, and place it into capsules that you could take daily? 

Well, thanks to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and Team Placenta, now we can!


Midwife Mel and the team at Pure Placentas, specialise in Placenta Encapsulation, and work lovingly from their state-of-the-art Placenta Lab in Perth, to bring you the amazing Oxytocin benefits of your own Powerful Placenta.

Your capsules will last you around 2-3 months or longer, and Midwife Mel will be there every step of the way to give you personalised dosage and advice, so that you can experience the Oxytocin glow and enjoy your Postpartum.

Because you deserve it mama!

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