Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my placenta be encapsulated?

Pure Placentas has a specially equipped lab set up, with high quality stainless steel equipment, temperature controlled refrigeration and ventilation, to ensure the highest quality of production environment is maintained.


What Qualifications does my Specialist hold?

All staff are qualified healthcare professionals, thoroughly trained in handling of human tissue, using aseptic technique and appropriate decontamination and sterilization techniques. They have all completed the appropriate blood borne virus training, and occupational health and food safety certification.


What safety measures are in place to ensure my placenta is safe for ingesting?

From pickup your placenta is transported in a specialist esky which is temperature monitored throughout it’s journey.

Whilst awaiting encapsulation it is stored in our lab fridge. We follow the same hospital tissue labeling guidelines when labeling our placentas, to ensure there is absolutely no chance of mix ups.

We only encapsulate one placenta at a time, and use hospital grade disinfectant between each stage of encapsulation, and in between each placenta to ensure sterility.

How long will it take to receive my capsules?

We aim to have your capsules returned to you within 40 hours.

* Regional clients will be longer due to courier times.

How many capsules will I receive?

Between 250 – 400 capsules (lasting you 6-8 weeks or longer!)


What else is included in my package?

Full pickup and delivery of your capsules to your chosen birth location

Encapsulation by an encapsulation specialist using TCM principles

Complimentary cord keepsake

Full written analaysis of your placenta’s health and interesting features

Photos of your incredible placenta

Comprehensive ‘Postnatal Support Guide’

Midwife Mel’s Postpartum Survival Guide

Unlimited 6 weeks postnatal support by midwives

Follow up phone calls regarding dose update

Access to our online community of mums

What support is available postnatally?

Pure Placentas offers you a unique 6 week support package, with unlimited text and email support for 6 + weeks. We will follow you up with phone calls in your first week to adjust your dosing, and personalise your support to ensure you get the optimum benefits from your capsules.


Can I still encapsulate my Placenta if I have?:

A Caesarean Section – YES

It will be more beneficial for your recovery from surgery and your hormonal transition (often milk production is delayed and blood loss is greater).

A Premature Baby – YES 

This is essential for building a strong milk supply to nourish your baby. (Babies born small or premature are more susceptible to illness, and the antibodies in breast milk are invaluable!)

Meconium Stained Liquor – YES

Sometimes babies will pass a stool (do a poo) before being born. Don’t worry this is removed completely with the cleaning and steaming process.


GBS Positive – YES

This bacteria is removed completely with the cleaning and steaming process, and in most hospitals you will also receive a preventative course of antibiotics.


What hospitals do you service?



Family Birth Center (King Edward)

Fiona Stanley

Glengarry Private

Joondalup Health Campus (Public and Private)


King Edward Memorial

Osborne Park

SjOG Midland (Public and Private)

SJOG Mt Lawley

SJOG Murdoch

SJOG Subiaco

Peel and Rockingham Regions






Margaret River



When should I book in?

You should book in as soon as you know where you plan to give birth.

Early bookings are essential to secure your place!

Payment plans are available.

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