Yes you heard right! Heidi isn’t just your morning dose of entertainment from the @heidixavierpete breakfast show on @hit929 . She’s an inspiration to mums everywhere! 

She’s an incredible role model to so many Perth women! A modern day mum taking on the world, in her dream career. A hilarious, yet deeply honest radio host, blog writer, public speaker and creator of the most ridiculously funny pregnancy videos you have ever seen! 

She bravely opens up about her battles, and speaks publicly to help other women suffering from anxiety, low self confidence and body image issues. A mental health superwoman!


So why is she getting her Placenta Encapsulated with Pure Placentas ?

“Pre and postnatal Depression and Anxiety is a HUGELY important topic, something we need to talk about as too many women suffer in silence. My own grandmother suffered Postnatal Depression and tragically took her own life when her baby (my dad) was just 18 months old. I’ve seen first hand what this does to a family, my dad still cries for his mother today at 66 years of age and it absolutely breaks my heart!”

“I’ll do whatever it takes to prevent Postnatal Depression, with all those amazing hormones and nutrients eating my Placenta is a no brainer!”

Heidi’s Postnatal Recovery Plan


Heidi and Griff have done their research, and know the importance of planning their recovery from birth. Breastfeeding is super important to Heidi, as well as having some extra milk to store, so that Griff can help feed and bond with Little man. She knows her Placenta capsules full of Human Placenta Lactogen Hormone and Oxytocin, will ensure she has a plentiful milk supply for months to come!

” As Heidi’s Pregnancy was complicated with Gestational Diabetes, it will be even more important for Heidi to build a good milk supply quickly, to ensure that babies blood sugar levels don’t drop to low after birth ( a common complication for GD mum’s) ”

– Midwife Mel

Although they were planning a natural birth, some complications meant that a Caesarean Section was necessary to deliver their little boy safely earlier this week. 

And didn’t he have the most impressively long umbilical cord! So big it was wrapped around his neck and body twice!

” Mum’s who have Caesarean Sections really benefit the most from Encapsulating their Placenta, as their milk supply can take much longer to ‘come in’ than for a natural delivery. They often suffer greater blood loss, and decreased natural oxytocin, not to mention a slower recovery due to their surgery.

That’s why it is so important to put all of those incredible nutrients and hormones back into their body, to speed up their recovery and kickstart their milk supply”

– Midwife Mel



Heidi is a modern day busy mum, and with her plan to return to work in radio next year, she needs all the energy and Oxytocin she can get! 

Her Placenta is a valuable source of natural Iron, which is easily absorbed by her body, the perfect energy boost she needs during those sleepless nights! 

Heidi’s pretty pink Placenta capsules were returned to her in hospital on day 2 post birth by the Pure Placentas team. She was able to start taking them straight away to get all the incredible benefits from her Powerful Placenta.

And of course she has unlimited loving support by Midwife Mel and the team to ensure Her and Griff get off to a flying! We will check in with them every few days to adjust her dosage specific to her postpartum needs and answer any questions she may have about new mum life!

Did you know the highest levels of Oxytocin, the love and bonding hormone, are found in your Placenta?


Why is Oxytocin essential for your postpartum recovery?

Decreases fear and anxiety, lowering stress levels and helping you feel calm and confident 

Boosting your milk supply by assisting with milk let down

Controls and reduces bleeding post birth, keeping you haemodynamically stable

Assists with wound healing, helping your body recover quickly

Get your body back in shape quickly post birth, by contracting your uterus!

A powerful pain relief – stronger than Morphine

Increases your love and bond with your baby – so that you can focus on loving your baby and enjoying your postpartum


Now just imagine if that loving birth high and incredible healing benefits could last for months! Thanks to your powerful Placenta capsules, it can!


We deliver you a fabulous pink Placenta esky, with everything you need for birth inside. Your midwives will help pack your Placenta in your esky and Pure Placentas will pickup your Placenta from your birth place. We take it straight to our lab and clean, steam, dehydrate and grind your Placenta down into a powder form, keeping those valuable hormones and nutrients intact, and place it into beautiful pink capsules. Your capsules are delivered back to you, (usually the next day) and you take them daily for 2-3 months or longer. Midwife Mel personally guides your dosage and supports you during your postpartum. AMAZING!

Midwife Mel and the team at Pure Placentas, specialise in Placenta Encapsulation, and work lovingly from their State-of-the-art Placenta Lab, to bring you the amazing Oxytocin benefits of your own Powerful Placenta.


Simply complete your booking form online at the link below in just a few minutes.

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Payment Plan’s available to suit every budget. 

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