The biggest problem in our society today is that women have forgotten how to trust their own body, and it’s divine intuition.

There is so much fear instilled into women surrounding birth and what could go wrong, and what’s abnormal, that women have actually forgotten their inner power. They’ve forgotten what’s normal!

Years ago women would birth their babies, they would breastfeed their babies, and this was the most normal and natural thing they would do in their lives! They would sit in groups with other mums, breastfeeding, talking about birth, watching birth. And if you were in that small minority of women that was considered ‘abnormal’, there was a beautiful village of women surrounding you for support. If you were unable to feed your baby, the woman next to you would offer to wet nurse for you until you were able to do so again.

So why do you ask that today’s women are struggling so much with birth, with postpartum, and with breastfeeding? Well it’s pretty simple, just ask any new mum…

Can you trust yourself to know what your baby needs?

Do you know how to give birth to your baby?

Will you have enough milk for your baby?

And so many of them will answer ‘no’ or ‘I’m not sure’…

New mother with baby skin to skin

When did we come so far from our divine intuition, that we do not trust ourselves to know our own bodies and our babies?Even the most confident and intuitive of my clients still sometimes reach out with unnecessary doubt in their minds.

Just yesterday a mama of a 6 week old baby, reach out to me worried her supply had suddenly disappeared overnight.

‘Was it the 2 glasses of wine I had over the weekend? ‘

‘Should I not have fed her my milk from a bottle?’

‘She’s been sick, maybe my milk isn’t enough?’

‘Has this ruined my supply and our breastfeeding journey?’

Liquid gold Colostrum from breast pump

ABSOLUTELY NOT, our bodies are designed to survive famine and still feed out babies. Mum’s in third world countries are as thin as a rake, and still feed their babies. No, our western culture has destroyed our confidence as women.

What even is ‘normal’ these days?

To be classed as a normal pregnancy, or a normal birth or a normal feeding journey, is rare!

But do you know what is normal? Cluster feeding, baby demanding milk hourly, or 3 hourly, or 5 hourly, or any combination of this over the space of a 24-hour period. Normal, is your supply fluctuating feed to feed, day to day, week to week, month-to-month!

Breastfeeding is having planets on your chest one day and pancakes the next!

It changes to accommodate YOU and YOUR BABY, it is designed to pick up on your baby’s individual microbe and adjust accordingly. In fact one day you may find that your milk has an incredible blue tinge to it. Antibodies! Your nipples have literally taken in your baby’s saliva, and created the exact nutrient and antibody matched profile your baby needs to kill whatever bacteria and viruses that might be lingering.

Blue coloured breast milk with antibodies

If baby gets sick, sometimes your milk may convert back to a thicker colostrum style, does this mean that you have less milk for your baby, NO it means you have the exact type of nourishment your baby needs at that moment. Yes our supply may drop just before your period, or if your hormones change, if you are stressed and yes if you have an alcoholic drink, but then it will pick up again. Its a cycle, much like your moon cycle and your gestational cycle.

And let’s talk about growth spurts. We all have them! Some days you could eat a horse, and other days perhaps some fruit and a soup are all you desire.

Babies are exactly the same! Trust your baby to know exactly what he or she needs from you. Let him communicate what he needs, and really listen. Does baby want to be at the breast frequently today? Then mama keep putting him at the breast. He is increasing your supply to meet his growth spurt needs. Or perhaps he is uncomfortable, perhaps there is teeth moving around under his gums, or he slept in a funny position and his neck is a bit sore, or perhaps he just feels a bit unwell, or perhaps the world just feels a little overwhelming today, and he wants love and cuddles, and something to suck on for comfort.

Maternity shoot, pregnant woman in bath

Perhaps all he needs is you mummy!

He need you to slow down, to trust your mummy intuition, to cuddle more, to feed more and to just be bundled up in your nest together for a little while longer, until everything feels okay again.

Your body is designed to heal itself, to birth, to adjust to changes in your environment, and to know your baby better than anyone else, isn’t that so magical?!

So mama this is your reminder to TRUST YOUR DIVINE INTUITION.

Listen to your baby, and your body, slow down, take a bath together, dance slowly together, go for long walks in nature, lay under the stars together! Get lots of skin to skin touch and connection, and feed, feed, feed!

You are more than enough, YOU ARE MAGICAL!

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