Sasha’s Story

So it’s been nearly two and a half weeks since giving birth. I’ve been taking my Placenta capsules by Pure Placentas everyday. Our baby girl arrived early and Midwife Mel was very accommodating and had my capsules returned within 24hrs, and helped guide my dosing based on my medical history and personal needs.

I had been on antidepressants for 2 years before falling pregnant, because of this, I felt I needed to take extra precautions and couldn’t be happier with the results.. My uterus is back in place and my iron levels are perfect! (Especially for someone who normally suffers low iron).

Besides the nights when missy is up all night, my energy levels are really good, and I’ve even started back at the gym with low intensity workouts! I’ve also had no trouble with my milk coming in, and it feels like I have an endless supply!

I feel I’m recovering very well and am very grateful for the support I’ve received!

Not to mention all the added details, from the VIP esky for the placenta, our placenta photos, the cord shaped like a heart and the postnatal information pack. Follow up care were very personalised, thank you Midwife Mel! Would highly recommend. X

– Sasha Smoor

Summer’s Story

Placenta Encapsulation – one of the best decisions I made through pregnancy, was to get this done. Being someone who has suffered with depression and anxiety in the past, I was concerned about Postnatal Depression. Not only has every day been my happiest, but my milk supply has been great. I’m calm, have no mood swings, and have been dealing better than expected with only getting broken sleep!
Big thanks to Mel at Pure Placentas for the ongoing support.

– Summer & Baby Tarik

Summer has continued her amazing fitness journey through pregnancy and now postpartum, all whilst managing her business and caring for her gorgeous newborn! What a super mama!

Head over to her instagram account @summerbernard to see her incredible body transformation, including her experience with her Placenta capsules. She also has plenty of tips and tricks for fitness in pregnancy and postpartum, and all the motivation you need to get back into the gym!

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