Team Placenta

Pure Placentas is a small family run business, with big dreams and an even bigger heart. Placenta Encapsulation and postnatal support is our speciality and nothing is too good for our Mama’s!

Our Placenta Lab was built from the ground up, with the highest of health and safety standards in mind. Safety is so important when working with mums and babies and a 5 star customer experience is our highest priority. We get to know all of our clients personally, so that we can give them a beautiful personalised experience, with a door to door service that is hassle-free! Team Placenta are all friends and family, in fact I made them all quit their jobs to join our team, for the greater good of women! 

Our Family

Luckily daddy Jarrad was there every step of the way, and knew the importance of giving me all the love and nutrients while I breastfed baby Layla. With good nutritious meals, loving massages and support from family and friends, and of course my incredible Placenta pills, I was back on my feet and feeling fantastic in no time! Jarrad actually used to call them my happy pills and made sure to feed them to me every day, to keep my loving birth high for months. I really enjoyed my Postpartum, something that is rarely heard among modern day mums! I was full of energy and walking with the pram every day, and had milk for days, but most importantly I felt balanced and calm, which made a tremendous difference with my recovery!

As a fellow modern day mum, I know the pressure new mums face, to raise a family, have a beautiful home and a successful career, not to mention bouncing back to their perfect pre-baby body instantly.. It’s crazy isn’t it?!? 

Yet despite all these expectations, we are more isolated than ever, and are sent home from hospital wondering what to do with this new small human and who to talk to?

Along with breastfeeding a newborn around the clock, I was also back running the business from week 3 post birth. Yep, I’m a little crazy, I know! 

I believe every mama can have a fantastic postpartum experience and avoid the baby blues, by trusting her instincts (you know your baby best), having good support (family, friends and amazing midwives) and replenishing her body with all the nutrients that mother nature has provided for her (Yes! Her powerful Placenta).

So if you think it’s time  for an amazing Postpartum, we’re listening. 

Made with love from our family to yours!


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