Terms of Service & Refund Policy

Terms of Service & Refund Policy


Pure Placentas Terms of Service & Refund Policy


Pure Placentas highly values each and every customer we provide our services to, and will always do our best to ensure full service satisfaction. This policy has been developed in accordance with Australian Consumer Law, which will be complied with at all times by Pure Placentas. Further information regarding service provision and refunds can be found on the Australian Competition and Consumers Commission (ACCC) website – www.accc.gov.au .


Payment of your Placenta Encapsulation


  • You must pay for your Placenta Encapsulation in full prior to birth. Failure to pay in full, may delay the commencement of your Encapsulation, and if full payment is not received within 48hrs of birth, the service will be terminated, and no refund will be given.


Cancellation of your Placenta Encapsulation


  • Pure Placentas treats every birth and Placenta as sacred, and as such our bookings for encapsulation are limited. By booking with Pure Placentas, we have allocated you a valuable place and allocated time, staff and resources towards your pending birth and postpartum.  


  • If you elect to cancel your Placenta Encapsulation after booking, your $50 deposit will be retained by Pure Placentas.


Pure Placentas does not issue refunds for change of mind, change in circumstances or any condition that is outside the control of Pure Placentas as the service provider.


Extenuating Circumstances


  • Refunds in sensitive situations will be at the discretion of Pure Placentas, and will be discussed on a case by case basis with the mother. This may include, but is not limited to: stillbirth, babies born prior to 33 weeks gestation, diagnosis of an infectious disease during pregnancy, such as HIV, Hep B, or Hep C, or any serious condition that may impact the health of the Mother and her Placenta.


Eligibility for a Refund


A Refund will be issued by Pure Placentas in the following circumstances:


  • A severe Uterine or Placental infection is detected, which makes the Placenta unsuitable for Encapsulation. A pathology report of the infectious tissue and/or swab samples is required to be provided to Pure Placentas.


  • Pure Placentas deems your Placenta unsuitable for Encapsulation following assessment in our Placenta Lab, and when correct handling/packaging has been adhered to as per the instructions in your Placenta Handling and Transportation Guide.


  • Pure Placentas cannot provide your Placenta Encapsulation service for reasons deemed to be within our control, such as available staff, lab facilities or similar service related issues. In these unforeseen circumstances, Pure Placentas will make every effort to rectify the issue with you and provide the service within 48 hours of contact. If the service cannot be commenced within this timeframe, you will be eligible for a refund.


Exclusion from Refund


  • It is the responsibility of the woman to ensure her Placenta is handled and stored correctly and in accordance with the Placenta Handling and Transport Guide provided to her by Pure Placentas. A refund will not be issued in circumstances where the Placenta has been stored or handled incorrectly prior to Pure Placentas receiving it.


Processing Your Refund


  • A refund may only be granted if it is applied for in writing to Pure Placentas, in accordance with this policy, and within a reasonable timeframe.


  • A refund cannot be processed until the VIP Placenta Esky is returned to Pure Placentas.


  • A Pathology report of the placental tissue and/or swabs which includes the mothers details, must be provided to Pure Placentas for a refund to be issued. This report can be requested from the hospital or laboratory, under the Freedom of Information Act 1992.


  • Once these conditions have been complied with, your refund will be approved and funds returned to you within 28 days by Pure Placentas. Refunds will be paid through our invoicing application, to the same card which the service was purchased on. If a different form of refund payment is required, eg. direct bank deposit, this must be discussed with Pure Placentas in writing, within a reasonable timeframe.
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