Because you deserve to have a beautiful postpartum experience!


1. Prevent the ‘Baby Blues’

Having a new baby is a life changing experience and a time where you expect to feel overjoyed and ecstatic. However with this experience can also come some adjustments and challenges. Mild depression, anxiety and mood swings are common for new mums, but they don’t have to be!

At birth your hormones are sky-high to help you go into labour and deliver your baby. On day 1-2 they come crashing down to pre-pregnancy levels. We know through research that the withdrawal from Oestrogen is very strongly correlated with depressive symptoms. So why not prevent your oestrogen stores crashing by consuming your placenta in capsule form which contains all the oestrogen you need to stay balanced!

2. Boost your milk supply!

RoundPhoto_May232018_222802Keeping up with a new baby is hard work! Along with drinking plenty of water each day (2-3 Litres), and eating a healthy, real food diet (package free), containing lots of proteins, good fats and vegetables (think nuts, seeds, avocados, eggs, seafood and colourful veg).

Consuming Placenta capsules has given thousands of mums around the world a much needed boost to their milk supply.

The Placenta as Lactagagon study, showed that 87% of mums rated their milk supply as a good, or very good when taking placenta capsules, compared with those consuming regular beef. Your baby will thank you!


3. Improve your bond with your babyRoundPhoto_Aug212018_162142

Your Placenta pills are packed full of Oxytocin – the love and bonding hormone. Just what a new mum needs to help her fall more in love with her new baby.

Lucky for you nature has a fantastic source of added oxytocin just waiting to be returned to your body, your Placenta!


4. Increase your energy levels

A lack of sleep and new baby waking every few hours to feed can take their toll on new parents. Hello fatigue!

Feeling fatigued is also strongly correlated with low Iron levels. Your Placenta is a fantastic source of natural, easily absorbed Iron, which can be readily used by your cells. Give yourself the energy boost you need to get through the day!


5. Boost your Haemoglobin and Ferritin storesRoundPhoto_Aug082018_062653

Your body has just run a marathon and helped you to deliver your beautiful healthy baby. Regardless of what type of birth you have, blood loss is an inevitable outcome, which sees the loss of valuable red blood cells and your ferritin stores decrease.

Your powerful placenta was made with all the nutrients and iron you need to help your body recover quickly after birth. Replenish your body the natural way!


6. Reduce stress

No matter how prepared you are for birth and motherhood, this adjustment is always stressful to your mind and body. But did you know that your Placenta contains Corticotropin Releasing Hormone? CRH helps your body to deal with stress and supports your adrenals, so you stay balanced. A stress-free postpartum is only a few placenta capsules away!

More: Baby Blues: postpartum depression attributed to low levels of RoundPhoto_Aug082018_062239corticotropin-releasing hormone after placenta is gone. Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism,81, 1912-1917,


7. It could decrease your pain after birth

An incredible study conducted on rats showed that consuming the placenta had similar effects in pain relief to medical pain relief. Placental Opioid-Enhancing Factor (POEF) found in your Placenta, stimulates the production of the body’s natural opioid production, aka Endorphins!

This means that your placenta could help you increase endorphins, and decrease pain.


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8. Decrease blood lossRoundPhoto_Aug212018_161830

Your powerful placenta capsules contain high amounts of oxytocin which help contract the smooth muscle in your uterus. This is important for labour, but also helps to control bleeding after birth. Often you will be given a synthetic oxytocin injection straight after birth.

Did you know that in traditional chinese medicine, a mother was given a small piece of placenta to place under her tongue, or in the rectum, to help control bleeding? Incredible!

Taking your placenta in capsule form with all it’s natural oxytocin can help control your postnatal bleeding.


9. Recover from birth quickly

Pregnancy and birth is an incredible phenomenon, but can cause inflammation and trauma and take time to recover. Your amazing placenta contains oxytocin, which along with contracting your uterus back down to pre-pregnancy state for a flatter tummy, could also help with wound healing and inflammation! Various studies on animals and humans has shown links between oxytocin and wound healing / decreasing inflammation.

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10.  It’s the most natural supplement you could takeRoundPhoto_Aug082018_062401

It’s made by your body, for your body with all the hormones and nutrients you could need to help your body recover. A perfect genetic match just for you!

If you are hoping to avoid medical interventions, drugs and postnatal complications, then this is the perfect natural supplement for you.

Make sure Placenta Encapsulation is in your birth plan!

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